Monday, September 19, 2011

Harold, Atkins Program Manager Completes Keeping It Safe Session at Camp Glenwood.

On August 26,2011 another Each One Reach One program, KIS (Keeping It Safe), ended at Camp Glenwood in La Honda, CA. The boys on the unit completed a intensive 8 week session on comprehensive life skills and health education, designed to help young men recognize their roles and responsibilities around safe sex and pregnancy prevention. In addition KIS provides parenting skills, nutritional guidance, substance abuse, gang intervention and diversion, and life skills.

"This is a great program. I learn so many things every day. I would want all my family and friends to learn this information that has been offered to me"
 - Mark , 16. 

" I learned how parent's affect a child life, and how to become aware of the choices and risk's I take"
- John,17.

Harold Atkins, Program Manager

Friday, September 16, 2011

Each One Reach One & Youth Guidance Center Improvement Committee Host October Event!


Join us on Sunday, October 2,2011 1:00 PM- 4:00 PM for a afternoon of fine wine, food, entertainment and awards to celebrate the success of our youth.
Deerfield Winery in Sanoma Valley
$50 Individual Tickets by September 28.
More Details and Registration available:

We would LOVE to see you there!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Youth are the responsibility of the community!

Judge Aaron Cohn of Columbus Ohio is set to retire at the end of September at the age of 95 after serving as a juvenile court judge since 1965. Words can not express the admiration and esteem that EORO has for this man who has committed himself to the service of juvenile "delinquents" using love as his guiding principal in working with at-risk youth. In reading about his departure, EORO was struck but the following words that Cohn once used to describe problem children:

“Juvenile delinquency is not exclusively the problem of the juvenile justice system. It is a community problem. It is primarily the responsibility of the parent. It is secondarily the problem of the community to create a wholesome community environment for our children.

“All of us, the courts, the police, the parents and the entire community must work hand in hand. We must do this so that each child without regard to race, creed, color or socio-economic background be allowed to reach his or her highest potential and goals in this great country of ours.”

Read more:

It reminds us of the importance of the work we are doing, and the importance of loving the children in our community and working to make their lives better because all children are our children.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Playwriting Program in San Francisco

We are almost through week two of the Playwriting Program at the San Francisco Juvenile Justice Center. Volunteer playwrights have been mentoring the young men detained in the maximum security unit nightly to assist each youth participant in writing a one act play using the rich language of metaphor to self-reflect and self-express in a positive way. The young playwrights are busy at work writing about animals, inanimate objects, the seasons, and mythology to explore the choices they have made that have lead them to their current situation. Youth and their mentors are exploring the complex world of relationships, healthy habits, higher education, and future mapping as they work to write a one act play. On Saturday, the plays will be stage read by professional actors before the youth, their peers, institution staff, and their families.As our founding program, the Playwriting Program tugs on the heart strings of youth advocates, board members, families of the youth, the youth, and staff alike as it reminds us why we do the important work that we do!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

KIS: The Results are in!

After 8 weeks of KIS at Camp Glenwood, the results are in and KIS was a huge success thanks to our Program Manager Harold Atkins! 100% of the youth stated that the speaker was informative, 95% of the youth would like the speaker to continue and KIS to be a regular program at Camp Glenwood, 98% of the youth found the discussions helpful and informative, and 100% of the youth stated that their questions were answered.

Youth stated comments include:
"I would recommend this program because you can learn a lot about STDs, HIV and AIDs. I give this program 100%"

"I would recommend this program because my fellow boys should know how to stay safe."

"This program saves lives and educates you at the same time."

"This program is cool because Harold is from the hood like us. He knows what is up. Even some of the people who didn't want to be at the program are happy they went. I want everyone I know to do this program and learn about this info."

Over all the program was a huge success and one of the most engaging, interactive groups we have worked with to date! Harold and the EORO team are looking forward to heading back to Camp Glenwood in January to lead a second round of the KIS Program. Thank you Camp Glenwood!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Field Trip to Kerner Studios!

EORO board Member Rose arranged for 10 youth to visit Kerner Studios in the East Bay as part of the YGCIC SYEP program week focusing on Digital Media and Entertainment. The week has included highlights on the music industry showcasing the hip hop and R&B world, acting and playwriting, social media and employment, and a field trip to Kerner Studios. The Kerner Group is a collection of creative and innovative companies providing services and technology to the entertainment industry, government agencies, private sector companies and government contractors.  EORO Program Staff, youth participants, and YGCIC staff participated in a guided tour where they learned about the entertainment industry. On a behind the scenes tour, youth were guided through the film making process looking at the entertainment industry, technology, and innovation that goes into making a movie. After the studio tour, students and program staff had the opportunity to talk about working in the industry and what it takes to make it big! The next students worked with EORO playwriting staff to see the other side of the industry: the actors. Who knows, maybe some new talent will emerge from SYEP and find their way to becoming a Hollywood success story!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A letter to an EORO GED Mentor

Dear Chris,

For real, you're a great mentor, I felt that you could explain just about anything and you went out of your way to make new information stick in my brain with a little silliness and fun it really resonated. So I guess my quest for mentors is going to come to the same conclusion as your quest for a comparable pupil with huge disappointment.

What else can I tell you, the exercise routine is no joke, its rigorous and will leave you aching all over. But like them Greek philosopher say its good to keep mind, body and soul strong or at least I think someone Greek said that. I have gotten the Malcolm X autobiography and I greatly appreciate it, thank you. I can tell from reading it that its going to be good. I have a problem , well I wouldn't consider it a problem, but others might well it's that once I start a book I have to finish it because I truly believe you can't judge the whole book by the cover or beginning chapters so I guarantee you I'll read every book I can get my hands on.

Your friend,